The Fibrain Academy provides a wide range of  courses concerning all aspects of optical telecommunications and fiber optics techniques. Our courses are aimed at telecom operators as well as fiber optics and network maintenance technicians and provide the best way of upskilling and training in the latest high-tech technologies. The requirements of today's market are becoming increasingly stringent, hence difficult to fulfil without partners with the required know-how. The courses offered by Fibrain Academy opens the door to the latest fiber optic technologies and help our Partners gain valuable knowledge, required to successfully compete in the current market environment. Thanks to the experienced and very well educated staff, we are able to meet the real needs of our Partners and to offer them solid, practical and useful qualifications. All our courses put great emphasis on the practical and experimental aspects to make sure the participants are able to apply the knowledge and skills in their everyday work. The completion of each course and passing the final exam is confirmed with an individual certificate. The popularity of our courses and large number of participants coming back to us for other trainings is the best recommendation and the quality measure .
Courses offered by the Fibrain Academy cover all aspects of design, installation, maintenance and measurements of local and long haul telecommunication networks based on optical cable as well as local networks based on twisted pair cables. This wide range of subjects is structured into logical modules to ensure that each module forms a functional entity, such that the information is conveyed to the participants in a coherent and self-consistent way. We offer courses specifically targeting
at network technicians and builders (for example covering the subject of microducts) as well as telecom carriers operating long-haul DWDM systems, with a whole range of intermediate propositions. We put a particular emphasis on courses regarding the FTTx networks. It is currently a hot topic in the field of optical telecommunications and we have a vast experience in designing and implementing such networks. Our offer is so wide that everyone will surely find something of interest!
Trainings for installers
  • Introduction to the basics of fiber techniques – theory
  • Fiber optic techniques in practice - the laying of cables in closure, patchpanels, splicing and measurements
  • Building external, direct buried microcanalization MetroJET (requirements and recommendations of the executive) - Grade I
  • Building external, direct buried microcanalization MetroJET (performance practice) - Grade II
Certified Installator trainings
  • Training of the Certified Installators of structural cabling FIBRAIN DATA system
  • Training of the Certified Installators of structural cabling FIBRAIN DATA system, FTTH Verticasa, VertiJet, VertiDrop system
Trainings for operators
  • Passive and active optical instruments used in fiber optic telecommunication
  • Fundamentals of optical telecommunications – intermediate
  • CWDM and DWDM optical transmission - advanced
  • FTTH via Passive Optical Networks
Trainings for representatives of local governments
  • Concept and construction of broadband networks
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