Polarization Maintaining Components

Fibrain PM components are optical polarization maintaining or light polarizing devices. They are characterized by a high value of polarization extinction and isolation between the polarizations, low insertion losses, a wide spectral operation bandwidth, and a wide temperature range of operation.


Fibrain optical polarizers are used to extinguish one polarization component of the optical wave, while introducing as small losses as possible to the other component. Fibrain polarizers are also available with installed connectors, with pigtails based on PM fiber which have a polarizatio orientation specified by the Customer blocked relatively to the key.



  • High polarization extinction
  • Wide spectral operating range
  • Low insertion loss
  • Keying according to the customer’s requirements
  • Small dimensions, 5,5×30 mm pipe housing

PM Patchcords

Fibrain PM patchcords​ are made with Panda or Bow-tie fiber. Keying to the slow propagation axis is typically performed, keying to the fast axis is also possible. All connector types are available.



  •  high extinction ratio
  •  Low inserion loss
  •  Wide spectral operation range (1310-1550 nm)
  •  Keying according to customer requirements
  •  All connector types



Polarization Demultiplexers

Fibrain PM polarization demultiplexers​ are three-port devices used to separate two orthogonal polarizations of the light wave. They are available with connectors, with any keying.



  •  High extinction ratio
  •  Low insertion loss
  •  Wide spectral operating range (1310-1550 nm)
  •  Kaying according to customer requirements
  •  All connector types


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