Fiber optic rapid splice technician tool case



  • Specifically selected tools to work with fiber optic cables in RAPID SPLICE technology
  • Three points of grip and positioning the fiber
  • Centering the fibers in V-grooves

Technical parameters

Type of connected fibersAcceptable fibers diametersOperating temperatureAverage splice attenuation [dB]Max splice attenuation [dB]Splice return loss [dB]
Single-mode 9/125, multi-mode 50/125, 62.5/125240-265µm and 850-950µm- 30°C - + 60°C0.15<0.5>40

Tool case content:
1. Tool case
2. Weld mount tool
3. Diamond knife
4. Fiber waste bin
5. Alcohol dispenser
6. Tube striper
7. Fiber connection plate 900 µm covering
8. Fiber connection plate 250 µm covering
9. Visual fault locator, 2.5 mm universal output power, 1mW optical power, 650 nm laser
10. Cleaning set for fibers, connectors and adapters
11. Insulation tape
12. Striper 250 µm, 2-3mm
13. Cable coating removal tool 6-29 mm
14. Insulation removal tool  2.8-3.0mm & 1.8-2.0mm
15. Marker
16. Kevlar scissors
17. Cable cutter
18. Knife


Fibrain tool case for RAPID SPLICE fiber optic technician FB7197P

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