Research & Development
Manufacture of specialized opto and fiber accessories

Through great equipment and high qualified staff, as a few in Poland, we are producing specialized optic devices, which are used in FTTH, CWDM or DWDM networks. Technology which we are used to produce that devices, it's i.a. FBT (fused biconical tapering) or TFF (thin film filters). As first in Poland, we implemented into production power couplers and WDM couplers, which are produced in FBT technology. Manufacturing equipment which we have, is unique, not only in Poland but in the Europe as well. Measuring station, amazing in a Poland scale, allows us to check very carefully CWDM multiplexes and DWDM. We use tunable laser with extremely high resolution 20pm and because of that, every single multiplexer which was produced by us, is ordered with test return. It guarantees measurement of “worst case” isolation between canals and attenuation in every single canal. We have well equipment and huge knowledge, so we can deliver many kinds of specialized solution and functionality. Confirmation of our competencies is a fact, that Fibrain's CEDM I DWDM multiplexes work in the largest operators network in Poland.

Optoelectronic and fiber measurement laboratory

We take care of our products, so we have special department, which most of all, do qualification and acceptance tests on solutions and systems created by us. Optoelectronics and fiber measurement laboratory analyses and tests our products for compatibility with Polish and European standards PN/IEC and operator's internal rules, e.g. TP SA/ Orange. Study area involves optical, mechanical and climatic tests. It is possible because of rich and unique in Poland, Laboratory equipment. It consists of i.a. ultra-stable attenuation, reflectance and PDL meters which measures ,abovementioned, parameters in scale- 1250-1650nm, optical spectrum analyzer, optical reflectometers, interferometers for front connector geometry control, climatic chambers with temperature and wetness control (including chamber with capacity more than 10m³), station for study UV resistance, own test patch for microcanalization, devices for measuring fiber on, mechanical station for study cable's resistance for extension, squashing, repeatedly squashing, longitudinal water penetration, twisting, pulling cable power and strength of the coupling mechanism, resistance for sinusoidal vibrations. Laboratory's staff takes part in many research projects in the field of photonics and optoelectronics in cooperation with lead Polish and European universities.

Research - Development department

In cooperation with universities, like Military University of Technology in Warsaw and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, we have researches from photonics range-technology which haven't been commercialized and thoroughly investigated yet. This is another step in development of new generation network with more capacity. Now, the most developed countries have a race, who first create photonic fiber and use it in telecommunication, e.g. in FTTH networks. As a Poland representation, we have a huge chance to be a leader in a whole world using this technology.