Fiber Optic Cables


Our optical cables plant is located in the Special Economic Zone AEROPOLIS near Rzeszow and is in the direct proximity to the Jasionka International Airport and the A-4 motorway junction. The plant produces a full range of optical cables used in the next generation optical networks. The operating cabling lines are fully automatic and have been designed and manufactured by the leading industry suppliers in the world. The current production capacity is over 3000 km a month. The factory is quite possibly the newest and most modern in Europe. We control the full cable manufacturing process – from the design stage (for which we use an advanced proprietary CAD software package ELMATIX Pro, developed by our R&D department), to technology fine-tuning and implementation (technology department), product acceptance testing and qualification (done by our internal qualification laboratory), to manufacturing (manufacturing department) and the final product quality control (by internally independent quality department). Thanks to our advanced technology we are able to develop customized cable designs to meet the most stringent and unusual requirements. The current portfolio covers most optical cables types, including for example ADSS, direct burial cables, drop cables or microcables.