LogiWire Home Cabling
The 21-st century it is time of significant changes and great developments, especially in modern housing. A few important factors, as the transformation of multimedia solutions, the complexity of  transmission systems installed in modern premises, and the space limitation for installation, have inspired us to create  a unique Fibrain LogiWire system.
Fibrain Logiwire is an ideal system for the single and multi-family housing, as well as for  small commercial premises, such as consulting rooms, law offices, stores and other offices. This system is a perfect element of teletechnical and low current installations dedicated to  developers, housing associations, and private investors.
The main characteristic of the LogiWire system is the possibility of creating a universal and easily configurable multimedia point – to administer the inside housing systems. The LogiWire facilitates the integration of the following structures:
  • FibrainData – copper structured cabling of  5e, 6, 6 A, 7, 7A categories, in both UTP and FTP/STP solutions
  • FibrainVoice – copper telephone cabling system PSTN, ISDN
  • Fibrain VertiJet – microcanalization system for housing which uses the method of blowing the bunch of optic fibers to provide fiber optic cabling in customer premises
  • Fibrain Vertiqio – fiber optics cabling system for residential and office buildings which uses the easy access cables
  • Security: alarms, CCTV
  • Telemetry: power/water consumption measurement systems (under developement)
  • Active equipement – routers, gates, media converters
Our system guarantees the integration of different cabling types in the customer premises. A main task of the system is to combine all the multimedia cablings in only one box. The integration  includes the following systems: telephone (PSTN), computer network (DATA), video surveillance (CCTV), audio systems (AUDIO), cable and satellite TV (SAT TV / CATV), alarm system (SAFETY), intercom (INTERCOM), fiber optics (FIBER), active equipment (ACTIVE), telemetry systems and a lot of others.
Range of application
The constant cooperation with different installers over many years have brought us the useful and necessary information to create a product, which meets both practical and theoretical requirements of multimedia systems. Thanks to the use of technology of open keystone modules, we have created the most universal and high quality system among other multimedia cabling systems.
LogiWire  system is based on original solutions. We aimed at  creating an innovative product providing the possibility to build flexible system, which combines a wide range of transmission media. Bearing in mind our customers' needs we are also able to design and manufacture the boxes for specific projects, which meet even the highest requirements!
To guarantee the support before and during implementation of a project, our specialists conduct trainings, which is our big assset. Furthermore, Fibrain is the company which is in close and permanent contact with installers to offer them all the necessary information for implementation and operation of our system.
Fibrain company prepares the handouts and training materials, which relate to the modern trends and standards. The worksheets include the latest legal requirements to help the people interested in our systems learn about new technologies and enhance professional skills.
Sales channels
Our branches are located in the most convenient areas, and are equipped with their own stock, which provides easy access to our products. Moreover, we have a group of distributors who work in other areas. In addition, we can ship the material directly to the building site, and thanks to adequate inventories, the realization of your order is immediate.