Fiber Optic Laboratory


One of the most important elements of our quality control is the internal qualification laboratory and obviously the quality control department. The quality control department is equipped with the specialized, cable factory-dedicated Photon Kinetics 8000i series optical reflectometers, with the OASYS system. Their testing capabilities include insertion loss and reflection loss measurements at 850 nm and 1300 nm (for multimode cables) and 1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm for singlemode cables.

But before a product type is approved for general availability, it has to undergo a series of tests, most often executed according to the IEC 187000 and IEC 60794-1-2 standards. This qualification-type testing is done by our internal qualification laboratory. The laboratory performs a full range of mechanical, climatic and environmental and optical tests. Besides the regular tests included in the aforementioned standards, the laboratory tests, if required, our cables for compliance with the customer internal specifications.

The mechanical tests performed in our laboratory include tensile performance testing (with fiber strain monitoring), crush, abrasion, impact, stripping force stability, repeated bending, torsion, flexing, kink, bend, cut-through resistance and so on. As examples of the environmental tests it is worth mentioning the longitudinal water penetration test, -40 ºC/+70 ºC temperature cycling tests or UV resistance tests. Moreover, if even more stringent testing conditions are required, our testing capabilities does not stop here. For example, the temperature cycling test can be done at such an extreme exposure as -90 ºC /+90 ºC! For particular cable types there are specific operational tests. Again, as an example, microcables undergo blowing tests into microducts or ADSS cables are tested for Aeolian vibrations and compatibility with suspension clamps and fittings. One of our strengths is that we are not only limited to cable manufacturing. In fact, our experts are actively engaged in all phases of network projects rollouts, from the network design and planning phase to the installation and acceptance testing stage. We also manufacture connectivity elements and passive optical devices for telecommunications and offer training and installation services. As seasoned practitioners we can draw on years of experience and help you make your project as seamless and effortless to implement as possible. We not only supply products, rather we offer comprehensive self-contained solutions, which, backed by the competence of our sales force and technical support teams constitute a truly unique offer in the market.