From a single fiber to millions of satisfied customers around the world.

FIBRAIN is a Polish innovator and producer in the fiber optic sector that has been succesfully operating on the market for almost 30 years now.


Solid. Thoroughly tested.
Made in Poland.

Buy three.
Pay for two.

Simply choose 3 cables lengths or drums
(can be the same cable type) from our sales promotion.

!BUY 3 PAY FOR 2 FFOC promotions!

Simply choose 3 cables lengths or drums(can be the same…

FIBRAIN FB-XRA fiber optic closure

We are more than happy to present you a new…

FIBRAIN has just launched a new series of outdoor cabinets!

FDH-G is a new series of outdoor cabinets! Its design…

FIBRAIN MetroJET fiber optic microdcut system.

We are thrilled to present you our next flyer and…

FIBRAIN Easy Access Cable system. A complete solution for a multi-storey building.

We are proud to introduce a new system officially! Easy…


Our complete product portfolio meets your needs.

Look at this
chic cabinet!

FIBRAIN new outdoor cabinets combined the exceptional design,
and functionalities or rather manners.

Proud to present FDH-G1 as the first cabinet
which offers great work ergonomics.

Just have a look, and you won’t be disappointed.

And second, quality.
Product portfolio quality.

Hard weather conditions?
FIBRAIN aerial cables endure more than you can imagine.
Do we design networks?

Yes, we do.
Do we implement? Yes, we do.

Do you have any other questions?

In 2020 we launched a new High Density product family. 48 RJ 48 or 190 FO ports?
No problem at all.


What’s NEW?

FIBRAIN participates in HITEX 2022!

Over 150 exhibitors from 30 countries will meet together at HITEX! Interestingly, HITEX is the biggest international technology exhibition in Kurdistan and Iraq. Extremely proud to be a part of

FIBRAIN is closed on 3rd May

Dear customers, We inform you that our offices will be…

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a season filled with peace, joy, and beautiful…


Wherever solid and safe network is desired
FIBRAIN offers its services.


Reliable business partner.
Hundreds of projects implemented worldwide

Solar power plants

The demand for alternative energy sources is constantly growing all over the world. One of the best, and therefore the most used, is solar energy. As a result, solar panels

100 buildings of Hungarian Post, Hungary

FIBRAIN has provided a complete, 25-year-old FIBRAIN DATA structured cabling…

The Benin Project – data center, Tunisia

The Benin Project – data center, Tunisia


Polish production & world-class quality

Work and day-to-day interaction with new
technologies is a great responsibility,
but at the same time an opportunity
to develop and improve many areas of our life.

Mariusz Paściak, Senior Process Engineer at FIBRAIN – FIBRAIN Zaczernie

+100 000 km

cables per year

+3 000 000

terminated connectors per year

+36 000

parts per day



Our people – the asset like no other

Our entirely committed and highly qualified employees are at the heart of FIBRAIN. They make us who we are today – one of the leading European manufacturers of optical fibers. We feel responsible for providing all our employees with an environment allowing them to develop and grow.

!BUY 3 PAY FOR 2 FFOC promotions!

Simply choose 3 cables lengths or drums(can be the same cable type)from our sales promotion available on here. The offer is valid while stocks last please approach your Sales Rep.

FIBRAIN FB-XRA fiber optic closure

We are more than happy to present you a new FIBRAIN FB-XRA fiber optic closure.What features does it have? Our new closure can be characterized by small dimensions 183x320mm and max. number of