Since the very beginning
we have been investing
in new technologies


Years of experience




Export to more than
70 countries worldwide



FIBRAIN was founded in 1993 and since that time it has undergone significant changes that were occasions to face new challenges. Consequentyl, from the small company that employed 2 persons FIBRAIN has transmorfmed into to a global player cooperating with business partners aound the world that has 4 manufacturing centers and employs over 700 people now.


ELMAT company is established.  

The beginning of ELMAT company operating in the ICT market.


Cooperation with LEGRAND brand.

ELMAT achieves the status of the Main Partner with LEGRAND company .


ELMAT enters the telecommunication market.

New products, including fiber optic equipment, are developed.


Development and renovation of a Head Office.

ELMAT develops its facilities in Rzeszów.


Participation in trade fairs in Łódź.

ELMAT is becoming more and more recognizable in Poland thanks to participating in various trade fairs.
In the photo there is a group of engineers from ELMAT taking part in trade fairs together with OPTRAL- a Spanish company.


FIBRAIN brand is established.

The company starts manufacturing its own products under FIBRAIN brand.


Launching new systems into the market.

 The company broadens its porfolio and offers new FTTH products and MetroJET systems.


A new chapter begins. FIBRAIN company is established.

Fast development of products in international markets, including the European Union, Africa, North and South America.


FIBRAIN develops its Manufacturing Center in Jasionka and expands production capabilities.

New cable production lines for manufacturing fiber optic cables are installed.


Launching new systems into the market.

The company broadens its porfolio and offers FibrainDATA structured cabling system and LogiWIRE multimedia systems.


FBT splitters.

FIBRAIN starts one of the most technologically advanced method of producing splitters


Building a new Center in Głogów Młp.

The construction works proceed at full speed in Głogów Młp.


FIBRAIN establishes new Logistics and Manufacturing-Laboratory and Laboratory Center in Głogów Małopolski.

Logistics and Warehouse center as well as Export Department are located in the new building. The company concentrates on developing FIBRAIN brand.


R&D and photonics development.

Ongoing development of high-tech and photonics as well as launching the R&D department of multi-core fibers.


FIBRAIN builds the new Center in Jasionka.

Work in progress.


FIBRAIN opens the Manufacturing and Laboratory Center in Jasionka.

A new fiber optic cables factory significantly solidifies our market position as one of the few leaders in the FTTH cables and other specialized cables area. The factory occupies 5500 m2.


FIBRAIN builds another Center to develop advanced technologies.

Construction works gather pace.


FIBRAIN opens Fiber Optic Technologies & Photonics Manufacturing Laboratory Center in Zaczernie.

Since that time, FIBRAIN has capabilities to produce optical fibers as the only producer in Poland, and one of a few in Europe.


FIBRAIN opens its first Cleanroom.

Cleanroom reduces contamination and increases quality. In order to develop R&D Department, FIBRAIN invests and successfully opens such place, where all necessary rigorous practices and rules are obeyed. Therefore, it gives the possibility to perform comprehensive research and take part in innovative projects.


Fiber drawing tower.

Thanks to the new investment, FIBRAIN has gained new possibilities to produce optical fiber on the commercial scale. This is the first such investment in Poland.


We are FIBRAIN now!

The merger of two companies ELMAT and FIBRAIN into one strong brand – FIBRAIN.


FIBRAIN develops its Manufacturing Center in Jasionka and expands production capabilities.

New cable production lines for manufacturing fiber optic cables are installed.


FIBRAIN establishes new Manufacturing Center.

New Research & Development Center that concentrates on developing optical fibers is etablished.


New investments.

New investments appear on th horizon.