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Responsible business operation is the right path to sustainable development. The commitment and support of several sports disciplines are undoubtedly the attributes of our company that bring positive benefits and build our values​.

Stal Rzeszów

Stal Rzeszów S.A. continues football traditions, which were established in 1944 by Zakładowy Klub Sportowy Stal Rzeszów. At the beginning of its activity, the club was linked to the aviation industry. The fundamental idea of the Club was to unite children and young people eager to practice sports under the white-blue flag as well as former sportsmen coming to the region.  

New beginning

On 16th March 2018, we started writing a new history of Stal Rzeszów with Rafał Kalisz as the President of the Board. The new owner of the club outlined a clear and ambitious vision for the development of the Club. Interestingly, it took 15 years until FIBRAIN became a successful company, thus Rafał Kalisz underlines that at least as much time he wants to build and invest in the Club. When building the new team, we always refer to our great history and best moments of the Club. Honesty, hard work, knowledge and commitment, but most of all right people are our fundamental values. Our teams always want to win, control and dominate the game, thus all the supporters enjoy watchinng football matches.

Our future

The Academy, ultimately the best in Podkarpackie Voivodeship and this part of Europe, will help us on the way to the top. What is more, players from our Partner Clubs will also become its part. Currently, Stal cooperates with the best youth training centers in Podkarpacie, reaching out to even more talents. For better development of young footballers, we decided to create the Stal Rzeszów Sports Championship Academy project. The idea behind it is to provide a space where the best players could improve their character, knowledge, and, of course, sports skills. Preparing players for the highest sports leagues and later adult life is the Academy’s mission. It will be achieved by training versatile and universal players in technical, tactical, motor, and mental skills. We focus on the interdisciplinary development and believe that thanks to regularity and comprehensive training, adepts of the Stal Rzeszów Football Academy will have knowledge and skills necessary on and off the pitch and in disciplines other than football.

Comprehensive education

Our school is a community of students, their parents and teachers, based on the
principles of partnership, friendship and respect. We prepare a student for independent functioning on the basis of cooperation with other students, teachers and trainers. Our priority is to create the best conditions for the intellectual and comprehensive growth of our students, including practical use of knowledge and taking right choices in life.

SMS Stal Rzeszów is a modern, friendly, innovative facility that prepares students to function independently in the surrounding world, focused on achieving success and caring for the physical development of the student at the best possible level. Therefore, our school provides a wide range of extra activities for all of the students that help to develop their skills.

The main objective pursued by the sports school is to train comprehensive, universal in terms of technical and tactical, mental and motor skills player, who will be prepared to play at the highest level. In addition, such student will be equipped with in-depth knowledge as well as skills both theoretical and practical, then ready to use it consciously in any situation in life.

Stal Rzeszów community

Stal Reszów is a community composed of thousands of people – students, their parents, the local authorites of Rzeszów city and business partners, based on the principles of partnership, friendship and respect. This community is a team in which every single person plays an important role and performs specified tasks that complement each other on three levels – sports, business and local.

FIBRAIN G2A AZS Politechnika Rzeszów

FIBRAIN is a titular sponsor of the table tennis section.
The team headed by the Polish Champion – Tomasz Lewandowski takes part in the LOTTO Super League and has been providing us with unforgettable sports impressions for several years.

The greatest successes:

  • Polish Seniors Vice-Champion in Singles (2013)
  • Gold Medalist of the Polish Seniors Doubles Championship in tandem with Jarosław Tomicki (2012)
  • Bronze Medalist of the Polish Singles Championship (2009)
  • two-time Gold Medalist of the Polish Youth Championships in singles and doubles (2006)

Łukasz Różański

A professional heavyweight boxer who has been achieving higher and more tremendous successes  in the last years. His courage and fighting spirit are great attributes that have a lot in common with FIBRAIN values. He is definitely a noteworthy Boxer who continues to win and consistently moves forward.

In 2019, Łukasz Różański knocked Izuagbe Ugonoha out on the Knockout Boxing Night in Rzeszów, which was a great success in his professional career! A 33-year-old has become a professional champion of Poland in heavyweight boxing.

On April 22nd, during Knockout Boxing Night 27, a historic fight for the title of professional world boxing champion took place between Łukasz Różański and Croatian boxer Alan Babic at G2A Arena in Jasionka. Stal Rzeszów boxer, supported by FIBRAIN since the beginnig of his career, has won the WBC world championship belt in the bridgerweight category due to a technical knockout in the 1st round.

Łukasz Różański became the fifth Polish professional boxer to win the the world championship.