Responding to the increasingly higher market demand and to help our customers to absorb necessary knowledge we offer a series of training in the field of telecommunication industry.   Fibrain trainings are specifically prepared offer for the individual employees and companies in the field of fiber optic cables, and broadly defined ICT technology and systems. In order to ensure the best possibilities to learn and acquire precious knowledge, our company takes into account every inns and out. Consequently, these meeting are definitely valuable occasion to absorb technical knowledge and practical skills. Majority of trainings are composed of two parts: a theoretical and a practical one. Not to mention that we pay careful attention to both parts, as theory is crucial to understood and then put into practice. As for practical part, our trainers use state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate knowledge cognition for example unique testing tracks for microducts, aerial or direct-bury technologies. Each participant who successfully completes the training receives a certificate- as the confirmation of acquired knowledge. High interests and positive feedback which we receive are definitely an evidence that our trainings are of high quality and worth participating.

Our training portfolio, amongst others,  include the following topics:

  • FTTH and Logiwire solutions
  • Fibrain MetroJET Microduct systems
  • Fiber optics installation techniques
  • Optical DWDM transmission
  • GPON networks
  • Passive Optical Devices for telecommunications
  • Network Design and planning
  • CATV, IPTV in PON networks etc.

Fibrain trainings include all aspects of network design, installation, measuring as well as maintenance both fiber optic and structured cabling systems. This extensive subject matter is divided into modules, thus the participants are able to acquire new data in a consistent and simple way. Our portfolio offer include specifically designed trainings for installers, operators and customers. Therefore, we welcome inquiries for customized training modules.

We kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with our trainings portfolio.