FibrainDATA copper cabling systems is a well-known and fully certified solution to meet specific requirements. Designed with assistance from network planners and installers, FibrainDATA guarantees ease of installation and the highest performance.
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Fiber Optic Cables
We put great emphasis onto developing novel photonic technologies. Our current portfolio contains comprehensive solutions and products. Therefore, we have three state-of-the-art plants in Europe which concentrate on manufacturing a full range of optical cables.
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We are perfectly aware of the fact that every FTTH project is unique and there are always many reality constraints. We offer a very broad portfolio of complete infrastructure systems, so we are confident we have a solution optimal also for your project.
Passive Optical Technology
An integral and valuable asset of the modern company is its highly specialized staff, which, thanks to their unique competences in the European market, covering niche areas of designing fibre optic cables, are able to undertake the most demanding projects.
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Fibrain Active Elements & Systems
Fibrain is more than just a supplier of ICT and a manufacturer of fiber optic cables. Its operations are dedicated to fulfilling its overriding mission – to facilitate and improve telecommunications, so as to guarantee the highest quality with streamlined operations.
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Fibrain Connectivity
There are no barriers for us. We believe that thanks to our flexible and state-of-the-art manufacturing we are able to meet ever-increasing needs. The result of this innovation-based development is the quick growth of the significance of the enterprise.
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OBP-S8 CLOSURE- Installation guide video
OBP-S8 CLOSURE- Installation guide...
May 25, 2016
We kindly invite you to see the installation guide video about OBP-S8 CLOSURE. When ordering a complete set which is a closure...
Visit us at SSNF Conference
Visit us at SSNF Conference
March 14, 2016
FIBRAIN - the only company outside Sweden !!! SSNF Conference 16-17 March, Halmstad in Sweden We cordially invite you to...
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RJ45 connector cat 6A FTP/STP with PCB
RJ45 connector cat 6A FTP/STP with...
June 29, 2015
As our systems meet the highest norms and requirements, they can work properly for at least 25 years. Each telecommunication...
New FIBRAIN Fiber Optic Cable 2016 catalogue
New FIBRAIN Fiber Optic Cable 2016...
October 6, 2015
Our new FIBRAIN Fiber Optic Cable 2016 catalogue in now available. In our cable portfolio new products and components, including...
New VFTO-E1 customer outlet
New VFTO-E1 customer outlet
July 29, 2015
New VFTO-E1 customer outlet A completely new and tailored made solution for operators who appreciate innovative design, time&place...
Fiber Optic Laboratory
One of the most important elements of our quality control is the internal qualification laboratory and obviously the quality control department. The quality control department is equipped with the specialized, cable factory-dedicated Photon Kinetics 8000i series optical reflectometers, with the OASYS system. Their testing capabilities include...
Network Designing Department
Every single installation company or telecom operator understands how critical it is to have technical knowledge and experience to ensure a successful network roll-out. Very often they would invest heavily to train or recruit adequately qualified staff. Yet it may not always be the most cost-effective or fastest way. Sometimes an experienced...
Fibrain Academy
Responding to the market demand and to help our customers absorb new knowledge and technologies we offer a series of training courses under the common brand name Fibrain Academy. The topics taught include copper and fiber optics installation techniques, optical DWDM transmission, GPON networks, microducts technology, passive optical devices...