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The current situation related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine is a huge challenge for Europe as a whole and a test of solidarity. Refugees from Ukraine are fleeing from war to Poland, which for them is a guarantee of security and stability. FIBRAIN and its individual companies are actively supporting Ukrainian refugees by organizing various support actions and providing gestures of solidarity with their eastern neighbour. We kindly encourage all of you to join us – we decided to organize a public collection of money organized by Fundacja Stali Rzeszów (Stal Rzeszów Foundation) on the account of which everyone can make payments. All the money will be donated to help Ukrainian refugees.

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Name Foundation : Fundacja Stali Rzeszów
Adres: ul. Hetmańska 69, 35-078 Rzeszów, Polska
IBAN (PLN): PL 06 1090 2590 0000 0001 4967 4478
Bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Title: To help Ukrainian people


Updated lists of aid actions organized and supported by FIBRAIN, partners and friends.

18th March 2023

Concert in the Netherlands

Another great concert in Netherlands aimed at supporting Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. Once again, thank you, the Netherlands, for your great support and commitment!

24th August 2022

Another shipment of medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals!

Thanks to the actions taken by FIBRAIN and our friends, Ukrainian hospitals have already received necessary medical supplies and accessories, the value of which exceed several hundred thousand euros. Among these gifts, there are professional first aid kits and several thousand automated operating tables with lamps.

9th August 2022

Toys, school supplies and a summer camp for Ukrainian children

FIBRAIN and our partners collected 30 pallets with toys and school supplies, which were given to Ukrainian children residing in Poland.

At the same time thanks to Medyk foundation, Ukrainian children and teenagers who despite early age, have already been affected by war and suffering, could have enjoyed the summer camp in Rzeszów. One of the attractions was the participation in the match between Stal Rzeszów and Pogoń Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

28th June 2022

More donated gifts from FIBRAIN and our friends reached Ukraine!

Another transport of necessary things donated by FIBRAIN and our friends has already reached its destination place – a hospital in Dniepropietrowsk and will help the patients in a local hospital and the city residents.

30th May 2022

Special presents on the the occasion of Mother’s Day

Thanks to the support and help of our sponsors and friends as well as all the gifts received from them, we have prepared first aid kits on the occasion of Mother’s Day. They went to orphans and children from incomplete families in need. Thank you for your support! Not to mention the fact, how happy we are to help them, at least in this way, in these difficult times.

Once again, thank you very much!

29th May 2022

Medical transport prepared by our friends went directly to Ukraine!

The medical supplies, including necessary medical beds, medicines and other medical items, went to the ambulances carrying help those in need.

Thank you very much for your support!

27th May 2022

Another shipment of equipment for Ukraine!

Thanks to the fundraiser, we have managed to purchase the necessary equipment that goes directly to the war. Among the purchased items there were, walkie-talkies, drones and night vision devices.

26th May 2022

The scale of the aid is huge!

We have already sent over 300 buses with the necessary goods to Ukraine. It is all thanks to the commitment of our partners and friends, thanks to whom we can help Ukrainians together.

Thank you!

24th May 2022

The Mayor of Pidhaitsi community visited FIBRAIN

A few days ago, the mayor of Pidhaitsi visited FIBRAIN to personally express gratitude to the CEO of FIBRAIN and all employees for the support of Ukrainian people and the Pidhaitsi community in difficult times of war.

26th April 2022

FIBRAIN donated 22 pallets with food to Konwój Polskich Serc

A train of nearly 40 carriages set off to the east of Ukraine, transporting 500 tons of essential products (including food, beverages, clothing, sleeping bags, chemicals and other necessary items). All the products were collected by Polish entrepreneurs, including FIBRAIN, which donated 22 pallets. Rafał  Brzoska- CEO of InPost company was the initiator and organizer of this incredible operation.

20th April 2022

Another trucks with donated gifts are already in Ukraine!

Almost every day, new transports with the most necessary things including food, medicines and other necessary medical items reach its destination place – Ukraine.

Another trucks, fully packed with necessary gifts donated by our friends all over Europe, help those Ukrainian who are in need. This help wouldn’t be possible without our friends. Once again, thank you very much for your support!

15th April 2022

How do we support Ukraine?

Since the Russian aggression against Ukraine began, FIBRAIN together with other companies and friends have been deeply involved in various aid actions.
The list of most important projects, which supported Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, is presented below.

FIBRAIN and our friends

  1. We have rented a warehouse to collect, sort and send all the gifts from abroad (deliveries to Ukraine and Poland). The warehouse is located close to the airport and occupies almost, 1000m2, which is one of the biggest in our region).
  2. We have organized several people to support our activities in the warehouse, including sorting and sending the items daily for 12h.
  3. Several FIBRAIN employees have been involved in supporting all activities.
  4. We have received 74 trucks with the total value of 25.4 mln PLN from our friends.

The main division of the received items is presented below

  1. 30% of medical items with the highest value, including specialised medical items necessary in hospitals and at the front. To illustrate this, one truck was fully packed with needed medicines with the total value of 200 000 EURO by Austrian doctors. Another truck transported 30 highly specialised beds for hospitals with the total value of 500 000 EURO. Naturally, other trucks with hundreds of pallets were transporting other necessary medical items with high value. Through our communication channels we have successfully helped several hospitals located in the areas where the situation is the most dramatic such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, etc.
  2. 20% of personal hygiene products for children and adults
  3. Almost 20% of food
  4. 10% of clothes and blankets
  5. 20% of things that are needed during war such as power banks, torches, stabilizers and other equipment.

Our Ukrainian friends collect these items every day through 4 communication channels. Naturally, we received a lot of photos, words of gratitude, videos and documents from each delivery.

Stal Rzeszów Foundation

  1. Guaranteed a few rooms in its dormitory for Ukrainian families, fully board with psychologist support.
  2. Invited a few children to train in Stal Rzeszów Football Academy for free.
  3. Offered a house with 6 rooms for Ukrainian family.
  4. Rented a few flats in Rzeszów for Ukrainian families.
  5. Collected money during football matches and at school.
  6. Purchased necessary equipment for soldiers such as drones, etc.
  7. Paid for several truck transports.
  8. Organized free of charge football trainings for Ukrainian children.
  9. Invited Ukrainian friends to attend our private school free of charge.
  10. Offers professional psychological support for Ukrainian families and children as we have fully employed psychologists.

Besides, we delegated one bus with Ukrainian coach, who was employed last year, to transport children from Medyka and accommodate them in our safe and warm places.

Wise Glass in FIBRAIN Group

  1. Supported Ukraine by designing and implementing a refugee registration system
  2. Offered the advertising time on its mediums in shopping centers that reach 2.5 mln people and the advertising time is worth 200 000 PLN monthly.

VarioEdge in FIBRAIN Group

The company offered its small buses to transport medical help to Ukraine. I organized a few transports personally and strongly support the USA and their activities.
Thanks to private contacts, we managed to find accommodation for several dozens of Ukrainian families in France, Austria and the Netherlands.

In short, we have managed to organize all these activities in recent weeks. We suppose that soon we will reach 28 mln PLN of the total help donated for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

14th April 2022

Thank you – our friends in the Netherlands for donating € 3.700,00 to Stal Rzeszów Foundation account to help Ukrainian refugees and Ukraine in this difficult times.

We are really grateful for your help! Naturally, all the funds you have donated, will be spent on the most important and necessary purposes, which will significantly support Ukrainian refugees fleeing from war.

Once again, thank you very much for trust and great commitment in this truly important aim.

4th April 2022

Wholehearted support from the Netherlands!

We would like to underline that the scale of help and solidarity with Ukraine is enormous! This time our friends from the Netherlands organized a concert on 2nd of April in Vlissingen to collect money and help Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, which was undoubtedly a great initiative.

The singer of one of the bands, her name is Judith Mollenbrok, took the initiative to organize this festival. Her first reaction when the war began, was: “ I must do something, I cannot watch patiently as people suffer”.

We would like to assure you that all the money which is collected by Stal Rzeszów Foundation, on the account of which everyone can make payments, is donated to help those Ukrainian who are in need.

Once again, thank you, the Netherlands, for your great support and commitment in this truly important aim.

31st March 2022

Ukrainian people expressed gratitude for help they received from FIBRAIN and Rosendahl

All the actions organized by FIBRAIN, Rosendahl and other European friends, aim at helping Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, who defend themselves from brutal and cruel aggression. We are more than happy to hear that our common activities bring great results!   

Thanks to the great commitment and support of many people, Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees receive necessary help and support! This work is even more rewarding as we have already received a lot of appreciation and gratitude words from Ukrainian people.

Thank you!!

25th March 2022

Another trucks with donated gifts arrived at hospital in Lviv

Another trucks, fully packed with necessary gifts donated by our friends all over Europe, have already reached its destination place – a hospital in Lviv.

All the donated things, including medicines and other necessary medical items, will help those who are in need.

24th March 2022

A bus fully packed with donated gifts arrived at Pilgrim’s House in Lviv

Every day, another transports with donated gifts from our European friends arrive at our warehouses to be later sent to Ukraine. One of the buses, fully packed with necessary gifts donated by our friends all over Europe, has already reached its destination place – a Pilgrim’s House in Lviv where nearly 250 refugees from the eastern Ukraine stay there now. On its way back to Poland, almost 50 Ukrainian children fleeing from war, went by this bus to Poland.

22nd March 2022

Another five trucks with gifts donated by JPB Systèmefor Ukrainian refugees

Another five trucks from France from JPB Systèmehave just arrived at our warehouses! The donated items will help Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Thank you!

21st March 2022

Donated gifts from Rosendahl company and doctors in Styria are already in Ukrainian hands!

We start a new week from very good news! All the necessary gifts donated by Rosendahl company and doctors from Styria-the Austrian region, have already arrived at the destination point in Ukraine! Medicines and other medical items, which will help the injured Ukrainians, arrived at the Main Military Hospital in Kiev.

Thank you!

18th March 2022

Konrad Fijołek – President of Rzeszów, visited FIBRAIN and thanked for help

A few days ago, Konrad Fijołek – President of Rzeszów, visited our company in Głogów Małopolski and saw how many necessary gifts and medical supplies were sent to FIBRAIN warehouses from friendly companies from around the world. Moreover, the President thanked the French company JPB Systeme for great support and commitment in helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing from war, and assured that all the donated item would go directly to those who are in need.

17th March 2022

Wiseglass is designing and implementing a refugee registration system

Przemyśl, since the beginning of war in Ukraine, has been a refugee facility point providing necessary first help for a short period of time, which operates thanks to Artur Kazienko – the owner of KAZAR Group and other entrepreneurs. The goal of this center is to organize the relocation of refugees fleeing from war to other parts of Poland as fast as possible, while maintaining the highest level of security and safety. Currently, Wiseglass that belongs to FIBRAIN Group, is working on procedures and IT system to register refugees. Consequently, a refugee will be verified in terms of identity and country of origin. Naturally, these procedures are intended for refugees mainly, but also other people including volunteers, such as drivers offering a free ride from Przemyśl to other parts of Poland.

16th March 2022

Humanitarian aid transport from Styria company

Today, we have received another transport with necessary gifts and medical supplies for Ukrainian refugees. A friend of FIBRAIN – the Rosendahl company, together with doctors from Styria – a region in Austria, have actively involved in helping those Ukrainian, who are in need now.

Thank you very much for your support!

15th March 2022

Transport from JPB Système has just arrived at our warehouse

Another transport with gifts for Ukrainian refugees from JPB Système has just arrived at our warehouse! Now we will pass all these things from our French friends to those who need them the most! Thank you very much for great support and commitment in helping Ukrainian refugees!

14th March 2022

Another aid transport goes to Caritas and “Siemacha”

All the medical supplies and other necessary products that we receive from Poland and other European countries, are transported to the Ukrainian refugees. Every day, our buses transport these needed things to Caritas and „Siemacha” – the association located in Cracow.  

11th March 2022

Medical transport from Austria on the way to Poland!

Medical transport from Styria in eastern Austria prepared by doctors from this region is on its way to Poland! All necessary medicines and medical supplies will go directly to the refugee points and to the front!  Thank you for your support!

Humanitarian aid from JPB Système

Humanitarian aid from JPB Système goes directly to a point in Stalowa Wola. From there, all the medical and other necessary products are given to children and mothers who are in need.

10th March 2022

Stal Rzeszów dormitory and Smacznego restaurant help refugees from Ukraine

Young refugees from Ukraine have found their safe haven at the Stal Rzeszów dormitory. Thanks to the support of the Smacznego Restaurant from Rzeszów, our guests can have a warm meal every day and feel at home in Poland, at least for a while.

Stal Rzeszów sportsmen help Ukrainian sportsmen

The video recorded by TVP Rzeszów shows how the entire Stal Rzeszów club together with footballers from Stal Rzeszów Academy and Łukasz Różański – a heavyweight boxer, help Ukrainian sportsmen.  

9th March 2022

JPB Systeme helps Ukrainian refugees

Yesterday (08.03) we received a humanitarian transport straight from France! Thanks to the involvement of JPB and Safran, necessary products will be delivered to refugees from Ukraine.

6th March 2022

FIBRAIN for Ukraine

The current situation beyond our eastern border requires not only words but action as well. FIBRAIN, its individual companies as well as partners and friends from all over the world actively joined the action of helping Ukraine and refugees from their country. Help consists not only in financial support, but also most needed products – basic medical and hygienic products, long-term food, warm blankets and sleeping bags are provided. We take the collected gifts to the border, where they are collected by Yura from the MotoHelp group, thanks to which the items go directly to Ukraine. See in the video below what one of the several daily transports of the most necessary things collected by FIBRAIN and friends looks like.

4th March 2022

Rosendahl supported the fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees

The Austrian company Rosendahl, a friend of FIBRAIN, supported efforts to help Ukrainian people and donated 10 000 EURO. Thank you for your solidarity with the victims of the war!

3rd March 2022

Luis Esmi – the coach in Akademia Stali Rzeszów helps Ukrainian people

Russian aggression against Ukraine is a huge drama for all Ukrainians – including those who work in Poland on a daily basis. Luis Esmi, the coach in our Stal Rzeszów community – a Ukrainian, a graduate of the Kiev and Lviv University – helps his citizens fleeing from the war.

FIBRAIN partners finance medical aid

Fundacja Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego (Kozminski Foundation) together with Getinage and Crowdway financed 1000 first-aid kits, which will go directly to Ukraine. This is a real response to the needs of Ukrainians struggling with a difficult situation in their country affected by war.

Dakar Toyota Rzeszów funded 2000 meals

Dakar Toyota Rzeszów – the sponsor of Stal Rzeszów football club and a partner of FIBRAIN, provided 2000 meals for Ukrainians in need. Moreover, the company called for support in collecting necessary food products that takes in Hotel Ambasadorski in Rzeszów.

2nd March 2022

JPB Système helps Ukrainian refugees

JPB Système company that is a good friend to FIBRAIN and the sponsor of Stal Rzeszów got very strongly engaged in helping Ukrainian refugees.

Damien Marc, a President of the French manufacturer of aero engine systems, organized a collection of necessary things including sheets, blankets, toys, hygiene products, tinned goods and medicines. At the same time, at its own expense, the company transported all the goods collected in France to Poland by trucks. Thanks to this help and support, all the goods will go directly to Ukrainian refugees who need immediate help.

Łukasz Różański personally transports aid measures and necessary gifts to Ukraine

Łukasz Różański – a boxer of Stal Rzeszów, personally transports the gifts and aid measures donated by companies, institutions and organizations located in Subcarpathian Voivodeship including Szpital Specjalistyczny Pro-Familia Rzeszów, Greenyacht Solina, a ski resort Gromadzyń and a football club Stal Rzeszów.

WiseGlass provided advertising media

WiseGlass provided its advertising media located in shopping centers and restaurants to inform about the possibility of getting involved in helping Ukrainian refugees.

Collection of aid measures in FIBRAIN

Since a few days, FIBRAIN has been collecting aid measures and other necessary gifts for Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the war. Employees donate the most necessary things, including medical accessories and hygiene products.

1st March 2022

Stal Rzeszów dormitory guaranted accommodation for Ukrainian children

Stal Rzeszów dormitory is prepared to guarantee the accommodation for several dozen of Ukrainian children who are currently playing in a football tournament in Wrocław and cannot return to their families. We will provide them with comprehensive care, and will do their best to create a substitute for a family home. At the same time, taking advantage of good hearts of our friends, a lot of Ukrainian families – mothers with children – have already found shelter in private homes and apartments.

27th February 2022

#NIEDLAWOJNY – collection of necessary things aim at helping refugees from Ukraine before the league match of Stal Rzeszów

On Sunday, before the league match with KKS Kalisz, Stal Rzeszów organized a collection of necessary things aim at helping refugees from Ukraine. At the same time, just before the match, both teams expressed their solidarity and united under one slogan #NIEDLAWOJNY.

This is only a part of actions in which FIBRAIN has been diligently involved in recent days. We truly hope that thanks to our help and your support in the form of payments on the account of Fundacja Stali Rzeszów (Stal Rzeszów Foundation), we will be able to help everyone who needs our support in these difficult times.