15th INET Meeting Conference

On 15-17 April 2015  in Villa Verde Hotel Zawiercie,  there will be the Jubilee Edition of the 15th INET Meeting Conference.
Details of the event are available on the organizer’s website: http://www.inet-meeting.pl

The ELMAT company cannot miss this event, therefore, all interested in meeting us are invited to contact our representatives who will be present at the conference:

Radosław Ziemba
Head of the Department of Network Active Devices
mail: r.ziemba@elmat.pl
tel.: (+48) 601-397-899
Tomasz Pawlak
Regional Representative – Lower Silesia Region
mail: t.pawlak@elmat.pl
tel.: (+48) 605-397-199
Michał Juraszek
Starszy handlowiec
mail: m.juraszek@elmat.pl
tel.: (+48) 601-397-810