Anti-dumping duty rates were revealed! A real “earthquake” on the fiber optic cable market is inevitable

New information concerning anti-dumping duty proceedings about importing optical fiber cables from China has just been revealed. In the document published on 30th June 2021, the European Commission provided the latest details on the proceedings and the analysis, which confirmed that dumped imports of fiber optic cables from China have affected and caused dramatic consequences on the EU industry. Based on an investigation with interested parties and after carefully verifying the number of possible losses caused by dumping actions, the EC decided to establish the final dumping margin.

Following the analysis, the duty on imported fiber optic cables may reach even 54,1%. For some producers who cooperated with the investigation and provided appropriate justifications to lower this rate, the duty may be eventually lower (27.4% and 40%).

Indeed, these findings may provoke a real “earthquake” on the fiber optic cable market in Europe. Undoubtedly, this issue will generate additional costs for cables imported from China which, as can be expected, will eventually be passed on to customers. Naturally, this issue does not concern European producers whose cable plants and manufacturing centers are located in the EU – such as FIBRAIN. For the above reasons, customers should now ask themselves a question concerning the choice of fiber optic cable producers and future cooperation with them.

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