Storm clouds gather over import fiber optic cables from China

Will the import of Chinese cables continue to be profitable? Is the imposition of an anti-dumping duty only a matter of time? The recent steps taken by the European Commission put at risk the import of fiber optic cables from China under the current conditions.

On 24 September, the European Commission initiated an anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of fiber optic cables from China. The proceeding concerns single-mode cables and was submitted on behalf of the Union producers representing more than 25% of the Union production of fiber optic cables.

The initiation of the proceeding shows that the imposition of anti-dumping measures on imports of fiber optic cables from China is in the Union’s general interest. EU fiber optic cable producers are determined to restore fair competition on the EU market. FIBRAIN supports the European Commission’s decision because, as the European producer of fiber optic cables, we value the principles of fair play in the EU market.
We will monitor this situation and keep you informed. If you want to read more about this case, we kindly invite you to visit the following websites of the EU Commission and the Europacable Association: