Multimode CWDM Transmission System

The advantages of CDWM are well known and widely used in fiber optic telecommunications. When CWDM transmission is used capacity of a single optical fiber can be increased up to 18 times as this number of channels has been standardized in ITU-T G.694.2. recommendation. Moreover, filters and lasers compatible with the CWDM standard are already so cheap and widely available that CWDM multiplexing can be affordable for any operator.

Unfortunately, until now CWDM solutions had one major drawback – they were only available for the transmission in single-mode fiber. Fibrain is the first company which introduced CWDM transmission system for multimode fiber. CWDM passive multimode system (MM Fibrain CWDM) supports the transmission of 1GbE for OM2 and OM3 fiber at distances up to several kilometers. A type of active device (Ethernet switch, router) does not matter.

A whitepaper which explains operation of this new system and CWDM MM applications is available to download below.

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