Perfect design, excellent workmanship – what are we talking about?

Of course about FIBRAIN Energy solar carports! Here’s a hint – protection, tightness, and durability in one!

Extremely well-thought-out structures, equipped with glass, super-efficient PV panels, perfectly combines modern design and energy production.
Due to its unique construction, it provides:

➤ 100% watertight​ – It provides complete protection from rain. As a result, no streaks remain on the car, as is the case with standard panels.
➤ Hail protection – increased mechanical resistance to external factors such as hail is ensured by the use of glass-glass panels made of two sheets of tempered glass.
➤Safety – absolute protection is guaranteed as we use specially reinforced glass, which undergoes a process of tempering and bonding through a laminated film.

FIBRAIN Energy carports combine functionality and modern designe. Moreover, they are prepared with exceptional attention to detail to meet the needs of car owners.

Find out more about our solar carports and the comprehensive FIBRAIN Energy system –  https://energy.fibrain.com/