Solar modules – distinctive design, exceptional features! 

Do you know what components make up our FIBRAIN Energy management system? Today, we present one of them – glass-glass solar modules. FIBRAIN Energy solar modules are free from the bottom layer made of plastic which is  the weakest feature of traditional panels available on the market.

FIBRAIN Energy solar modules are the key component of our system that will ensure the best use of solar energy. So what makes our glass-glass modules stand out? And why is it worth choosing them? It’s simple:

➤ The diffused and anti-reflective glass is an innonative solution that increases the efficiency of solar panels by up to 8%, thus absorbing more light. Additionally, the diffused layer provides self-cleaning properties, which consequently increases installation efficiency – the unique structure on the glass pane makes it more difficult for dirt to adhere to its surface.
➤ 6 times higher mechanical strength thanks, to the use of two panes of tempered glass, makeing them exceptionally resistant to mechanical stress and microcracks, guaranteeing a long service life.
➤ FIBRAIN Energy solar modules protected by 2 panes of glass are characterized by a high degree of fire resistance and, more importantly, do not spread fire. Traditional panels made from plastic can be a potential source of fire.
➤ Possibility of producing modules in a wide range of RAL color palette.

Eager to know more about our solar modules and the complex FIBRAIN Energy system? Visit our website – https://energy.fibrain.com/