The long-awaited GPON ONT H650SFP!

Dear Customers,

We would like to announce that Dasan H650SFP is available now for sale at very attractive price!

For those who haven’t met with our new product yet, below you can find some useful information.

H650SFP is an optical SFP transceiver with built-in GPON ONT chipset. It can be used to connect to GPON network such devices as:
– WiMAX base stations, LTE, WiFi and other,
– network devices such as CCTV cameras with SFP port.

The major advantage of H650SFP is extended temperature range so module perfectly fits to the localizations where proper environmental conditions cannot be maintained.

Additionally, FIBRAIN can code this module to be compatible with many vendors of active devices including e.g. Cisco, HP, Juniper and others.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Our Sales Representatives are at your disposal.