Training course: FTTH in GPON

FIBRAIN #8211; supplier of network products, both active and passive, distributor of Dasan Networks products, one of the largest producers of FTTH solutions in GPON technology – is proud to invite you to participate in training courses organized directly at our headquarters in Rzeszów.

< p align = & quot; center & quot;> FTTH in GEPON technology

skills in the field of Passive Optical Networks in Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network technology.

Course subject:

  1. FTTH technology overview a) Next Generation Network b) Active Optical Network & # 8211; Point to Point c) Passive Optical Network
  2. Comparison of PON technology (APON / BPON, GPON, GEPON, 10GEPON, WDM-PON) a) GPON vs. GEPON b) 10GEPON c) WDM-PON
  3. GEPON a) Network appearance b) Transducers used c) Active and passive components d) Splitters overview e) Supported Topologies f) Network range & # 8211; balance of optical power

  4. GEPON principle of operation a) Downstream and upstream transmission b) Efficiency c) LLID d) Ethernet frame in GEPON e) MPCP f) RTT, Ranging, Auto-Discovery g) QoS and SLA h) DBA i) OAM
  5. Presentation of OLT and ONU capabilities on the example of Dasan Networks products a) OLT V5724G b) ONU / ONT H615G / H635G
  6. Summary a) advantages of the entire system

Date: February 10, 2010 – start at 9:00 am Place: Rzeszów, ul. Wspólna 4a

Duration: 6-8h Cost: PLN 1000 (plus 22% VAT) Number of places: limited, qualified places

After the end of the training, each participant receives diploma of completing the course.

In order to improve the organization of the meeting and prepare the appropriate number of training materials, please confirm your arrival (personal list of persons) by 07.02.2010, :

Łukasz Olbrot tel. (0-17) 866-08-45, mobile: 0-601-397-793 e-mail: l.olbrot@elmat.pl