Easily Pullable Pre-Connectorized Cable – smart solution which gives fast installation.

We are proud to present a new product – the EPP series.
FIBRAIN’s EPP preterminated drop cable solution is designed to be pulled through microducts or corrugated tubes in FTTH networks. The solution is based on a ready-made pre-connectorized cable kit with special ending for direct pulling operation.

Eager to know more? Have a look at our video animation below and a new leaflet below.
The leaflet is also available in our resources here https://fibrain.com/resources/brochures-and-flyers/

All technical data is available in our Product Center https://bit.ly/3VWGbLv

Naturally, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us sales@fibrain.com

Check Easily Pullable leaflet and find out all the benefits about our new product!