New design in EAC cable family!

FIBRAIN is constantly expanding its product portfolio. This time to meet the ever-increasing customer’s expectations, we have modified one of our cables – EAC easy access cable that you can find in our offer. This modification relates to the position of groves in a cable sheath.

In our new design, grooves indicate the place where the center of the window cutting tool should be placed in the cable, which facilitates working with a cable. The described method of making the incision prevents from damaging strength members placed in the cable sheath.

More information you can find in our Product Center.

EAC-RAMProduct change notification > https://fibrain.com/product/eac-ram-kabel-latwego-dostepu/

EAC-RAS Product change notification> https://fibrain.com/product/eac-ras-kabel-latwego-dostepu/

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