GPON ONT with 10-Gigabit and 2.5-Gigabit LAN ports


Technical specification

GPON B+ TX Wavelength: 1270 nm (range: 1260nm - 1280nm) ITU-T: G.987.1 compliant+0.5dBm ~ + 5dBm
GPON B+ RX Wavelength: 1577 nm (range: 1575nm - 1581nm) ITU-T: G.987.1 compliant-8 dBm ~ -29dBm
1577 nm receiver overloadSignal stronger than -10dBm
Optical portSC/APC
LAN ports1x port 1000/2500/5000/10000 Base-T (RJ45), 1x port 10/100/1000/2500 Base-T (RJ45)
Power supplyAC/DC Adapter: 12V DC/1.5A (shipped with external AC/DC power supply)
Maximum energy consumptionUp to 10W
ButtonsON/OFF, Reset
Operating temperature0 – +60 °C
Storage temperature-20 – +70 °C
Flash memoryTwo memory banks for active and backup firmware
LEDPOWER, PON, LOS, Internet, LAN1-2
Humidity20– 90 % (without condensation)

Interoperability with different OLT vendors

OLT VendorOLT model
Nokia / Alcatel-LucentGPON OLT ISAM 7360 (FX-4, FX-8)
Dasan Zhone SolutionV8106-A

The device is interoperable and compliant with the specification G.987/G.987.1, Broadband World Forum BBF.247 recommendation and TR-156.
Thanks to this, device can be used in networks where the operator has more than one GPON OLT supplier.
So far, the device has been tested for interoperability with the above-mentioned OLT devices.

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