Multimode Attenuating Patchcords

Fibrain Multimode Attenuating Patchcords are characterized by uniform attenuation in both windows of multimode operation (850 and 1300 nm). The available attenuation can be chosen from the 10-40 dB range in 1 dB increments and the attenuation ripple is very low. These devices are also significantly less sensitive to changes in the modal distribution compared to the more traditional multimode attenuators. Each patchcord is delivered with a test report. The patchcords are available with any standard multimode fiber types (OM2, OM3, or OM4) and their length and connectors types can be customized.


  • 850 and 1300 nm operating range
  • Very good attenuation uniformity
  • Very low sensitivity to changes in modal distribution
  • Patchcord without splices or bulges
  • 900 μm or 2.0 mm cable, with customized length


  • Light sources and detectors
  • Testing systems
  • Optical telecommunication networks

Technical parameters


Fiber typeOM2, OM3, or OM4
Cable type900 μm or 2.0 mm
Connector typeAny
Patchcord lengthMin. 0.5 m
Attenuation10-40 dB, 1 dB increments
Attenuation tolerance relatively to nominal attenuation± 10% (in dB)
Operating wavelength range800-1400 nm
Attenuation ripple in the 800-1400 nm range (measured in OFL conditions)± 2.5% (in dB)
Max optical power500 mW
Temp. operating range-20/+70 °C