Cable mid span slit & ring tool for thin jackets



  • For mid-span cable striping
  • Consists 10 grooves for different cable diameters
  • One side of the tool performs radial/ring cuts and the other side slits the cable (longitudinal cut)
  • Blades on both sides of the jaws – cutting on opposite sides of the cable at the same time
  • Indicator line on top of the unit indicates the position of the blade for accurate slitting and ringing
  • Replaceable blades

Technical parameters

Cable diameter range [mm]Slit & ring grooves sizes [mm]
5-105.0-5.6; 6.0-6.6; 7.2-7.8; 7.8-8.4; 9.4-10


Mid span slit & ring tool 5,0-10,0 mm JT-MS-326