Passive optical nonlinear module for spectral shifting of solitons, 1030-1500 nm


  • Easily tunable output wavelength
  • Wide tunability range and continuous, no-gaps tuning
  • Preservation of input pulses state of polarization
  • Preservation of input pulses coherence
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Minimum chirp introduced
  • Low loss


  • Nonlinear microscopies, multiphoton microscopy
  • Extending capabilities of femtosecond lasers
  • Sensing, gas detection
  • Nonlinear spectroscopies, e.g. CARS
  • Biomedical (e.g. deep-tissue imaging, virtual biopsy)
  • Frequency and dual-frequency comb generation
  • Selective ablation
  • Laboratory experiments

Technical parameters


Input Wavelength Rangenm1000-1500
Typ. Input Wavelength Rangenm~1060
Typ. Input Pulse Durationfs<300 1
Wavelength Shift Rangenmup to 1500 2, 3
Typ. Conversion Efficiency%402
Min. Polarization Extinction RatiodB182
Min. Coherence%852
Max. Linear Insertion LossdB2.7
Default PM connector alignmentSlow axis4
Standard connector typeFC APC4
Operating Temperature°C-10/+65

1 Efficiency of SSFS depends significantly on the pulse width
2 Dependent on specifics of the input pulse
3 Dependent on nonlinear fiber length, less for shorter modules
4 Other types on request