Product categories

Fiber Optics Cables

FIBRAIN fiber optic cable portfolio.

Optical communications

A range of products for reliable optical transmission including connectors, patch cords, pigtails, patchpanels, cabinets and distribution points.


Comprehensive product portfolio to build and rebuild ground fiber optic networks including microcables and foiled bundles, connectors, manhole chambers and accessories.


Anchoring clamps, tools and accessories to build overhead fiber optic networks.

Passive Telecom Optics

Passive optical tools designed for construction FTTH/PON networks and CATV/HFC.


Special-purpose photonic devices produced in a unique European-scale fiber optic manufacturing center.

Tools, measuring instruments & equipment

Accessories used to construct and operate fiber optic networks.

FibrainDATA structured cabling

High-quality components of the certified FibrainDATA® structured cabling system.

Active devices

Optical modules, media converters, GPON OLT/ONT and other products for use in ICT networks.