FibrainDATA Structured Cabling Systems

FibrainDATA® structured cabling system has been specifically designed with assistance from network planners and installers. As we are continuosly striving for excellence, FibrainDATA® guarantees the highest quality, unique design and innovative solutions.

Designed with assistance from network planners and installers, FibrainDATA® guarantees ease of installation and the highest performance. Exceeding Standards, fulfilling highest requirements and ensuring warranty system for at least 25 years – these are the main goals, which we have in mind when designing FibrainDATA® system. Undoubtedly, our dynamically developing R&D department and well-equipped laboratory are involved in a wide range of activities to achieve our aims and provide the best parameters.

As our systems meet the highest Standards and requirements, they can work properly for at least 25 years. Each telecommunication system which is designed with the use of FIBRAIN components and installed by Certified Installer can possess warranty program.

Warranty Program

Product warranty

All of the components of Certified Fibrain Data System are free from material and manufacturing defects.

System warranty

Transmission Channel of the Certified FibrainDATA structured cabling system fulfills the parameters according to the category for which it is dedicated and designed. The warranty does not cover products which are used, stored or installed improperly.

Application warranty

FibrainDATA Certified structured cabling system is free from defects, which does not enable signal transmission based on specific protocols and network applications. This concerns applications and protocols which are established by the committees for standardization IEEE,ANSI, TIA/EIA, ATM Forum and confirmed for transmission requirements based on TIA/EIA 568-B.2 and/or TIA/EIA 568- A,TIA/EIA568-A-5, ISO-IEC 11801 2nd  edition, ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 norms and standards.

FibrainDATA certification procedure

Detailed warranty procedure is enclosed in download section. After implementing the installation, Certified Installator is required to submit all the necessary documents, especially as-built documentation, measurement of complete network with the use of  authorized device possessing valid calibration term. All mentioned documentation should be send to FIBRAIN on address:

As a next step, FIBRAIN examines the network and verifies submitted documents. In case of any inaccuracies or mistakes, Certified Installer is required to correct them or complete documentation. Afterwards, FIBRAIN issues warranty documents, which must be transferred by Certified Installator to the project investor. 


FibrainDATA Warranty Program

FibrainDATA General Procedure of Network Certification

FibrainDATA Certification form for extended 25 year warranty

FibrainDATA Claiming form

Partners Program

FIBRAIN academy

A dynamically growing training center, with convenient location of the company’s branches, allows Designers and Installers to increase and widen their knowledge. During meetings, which are dedicated for professionals, both theoretical and practical knowledge is provided. We lay great emphasis on the individual meetings in our partners’ headquarters since we are not limited to any area. Meetings are always tailored to the partner’s needs and preferences. Our trainers are open for a discussion and precious knowledge exchange.

Certified installer

Authorized Program of the Certified Installers of FibrainDATA is aimed for companies which are focused on project design, installation with implementation of structured cabling system. Training Program of Certified Installers conducted by our Product Managers provides essential knowledge, which is necessary to understand and install structured cabling system.

During the training, knowledge in the field of norms, mounting standards and available components of the system is exchanged. Furthermore, trainings include practical part, which demonstrates installation of individual components. Training’s aim is to teach how to properly implement structured cabling system, which is covered by 25 year warranty for an operation and application of the system.

Certified designer

Meetings in design offices allow us to obtain knowledge about the latest investors’ requirements and needs. Designers can gather knowledge about the newest norms, editions and conditions which nowadays are placed ahead of modern structured cabling systems.

Certified integrator

The Authorizing Program for the Certified Integrators of FibrainDATA is dedicated for the companies which has experience in installing our products. Proficiency in installation is confirmed by years of experience as well as implementation of Certified FibrainDATA Systems which is covered by 25 year warranty.

FibrainDATA® structured cabling system elements


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