Optical / FTTH / EAC

Easy Access Cable System is a complete fiber optic solution for a multi-storey building using EAC cables.

A special design gives the possibility to easy access cables by cutting a hole in the outer sheath without the need to connect at the branching point. This method permits removing a fiber optic module at the distance of 25 m and, depending on the installation method, place a cable to the customer outlet. The system is complemented by specifically designed tools, equipment and the possibility of ordering a pre-connectorized EAC cable, allowing easy and quick

EAC system advantages

  • Fast and flexible method of connecting users in multi-storey buildings
  • Optimization of the workforce, cost and installation time
  • Direct branching to subscribers without performing splices
  • Flexible system that can be easily developed in the future
  • Customization of cables and equipment to minimise the costs
  • Support team from Design Department throughout the whole investment

EAC system elements

System EAC


Easy Access Cable Products Overview