Converters for Hybrid SM-MM Transmission

Fibrain is the only company in Poland that offers passive MPC-G1-1-4-35-A-SC-SC converters for setting a hybrid transmission in single- and multi-mode fibers. By using a unique photonic crystal fiber technology, these devices allow for joining single- and multimode fiber sections and simultaneously assure a low-loss and stable connection. They are offered in a form identical to popular adapter attenuators (male connection on the SM side, female connection on the MM side).
For setting a hybrid SM-MM transmission, a pair of PK-SM-MM converters always needs to be used in such a way that the MM fiber is in the middle, and both ends are single-mode (using a short SM patchcord from the light source to the connection with the MM cable is enough, if the link doesn’t have a natural SM-MM-SM configuration).


  • Ability to connect single- and multi-mode fibers
  • Low-loss and stable connections
  • Adapter attenuator form

Technical parameters

Technical Data

Insertion Loss IL 1dB≤ 2.5
Polarization dependent loss PDLdB≤ 1.0
Return Loss RLdB≥ 40
Storage temperature⁰C-20 - +70
⁰C-20 - +70
Fiber type SM/MM 2G.652D / OM2
Maximum length of multimode fiber for transmission bandwidth 1Gbps 3 m1000

1 maximum insertion loss of pair SM/MM converters with optical connectors
2 possibility of ordering a different type of SM and MM fibers
3 limited power and intermodal dispersion of multimode section, converters not guarantees stable transmission for
bandwidth > 1Gbps

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